10-11 May 2018, Tokyo, Japan


Francesco Rodano

Chief Policy Officer

Francesco, born in Rome in 1970, is head of remote gaming and head of the Director-General’s staff at AAMS (Italy’s regulatory body). Francesco has a degree in statistics and, early on in his career, he began working for a publishing house, with a focus on technology. He subsequently specialised in business to business marketing, holding different positions in private companies (two of them within

The Economist and Allianz groups respectively), but always keeping an eye on the “eBusiness” side. In 2001, Francesco co-directed a series of books dedicated to the (then “trendy”) net-economy and served as the CEO for a start-up software company. In 2002, Francesco moved, as Marketing and Sales Director, to the Auditorium Parco della Musica (now the largest cultural centre in Europe hosting over 1,000 concerts and private events each year), where he also managed the fund raising. In June 2006, Francesco began work at AAMS where, while directing the remote gaming department, he accomplished the regulation and launch of online poker and skill games.