10-11 May 2019, Tokyo, Japan


Mimi Koga

Advisor/Casino Consultant
Japan Open Poker Tour

Major work

Providing IR-related consultation to governments, firms and universities; lecturing; providing lectures at an IR-related workshops

Co-ordinating study tours of casinos abroad, arranging negotiations and meetings with VIPs, interpretation

Producing casino events in Japan, planning and running events, instructing dealers (Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Pokers)


Highest academic achievement

2011, Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), Department of Business Design, Graduate School of Business Administration, Rikkyo University TOKYO, JAPAN


Brief bio-notes

Has worked as a casino event dealer for 24 years. Lived in MUMBAI, INDIA from the age of 10 to 15. Upon returning from studying abroad in the USA in 1992, received dealer training at a casino restaurant in JAPAN and started to work as a dealer. In 2001, obtained the dealer licence for Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat from PCI Dealers School in LAS VEGAS – the first Japanese to do so. Was responsible for planning and running of the event ‘Casinos: a new tourism resource’ 『Aratana Kanko Shingen Casino』 held in South Viewing Deck of TOKYO METROPOLITAN Government’s Headquarters Building on October 17, 2002 and served as the pit boss. Since then, engaged with the following.

2003-2005 Matsui Gaming Machine / Casino Event Division Project Leader

Responsible for PR of the company’s casino-related products. Planned and ran more than 100 casino events as the head of the Department of Event and Enterprise. Resigned from the post for family reasons in December 2005.

2008-2013 Wynn International Marketing / Marketing Executive

Joined the Japanese Branch of Wynn International, a subsidiary of a major casino operator, Wynn Resorts. In charge of marketing to the casino’s VIP clientele, hospitality and in-house interpretation. Resigned from the post, in 2013, in order to engage with activities to attract IR to Japan.

Publications and achievements as a writer

 -2014.6. Published from Otokoco elbook – Casino & English learning book “Casino de Manabu Eikaiwa”

-2014. Nikkan Amusement - Casino columnist, ‘Casino Cho Mikuro-banashi[A1] , published 15 times

-2014.9. Monthly magazine, MADURO – Casino columnist, “Jiji-no Casino Royale”, published 6 times

-2015.7. Now writing for a subscription-based e-mail magazine, Magumagu, “Casino Mimi’s Casino no Mesen-de -Kokodake-banashi-“, twice a month


 [A1]This sounds very unnatural in English. It would be better to write it in Roman characters, such as, “Casino Cho Microbanashi