10-11 May 2019, Tokyo, Japan





Clairvest is a Toronto-based private equity management firm with approximately C$1.7 billion of equity capital under management. We invest in successful mid-market companies, across a wide array of industries, with a unique specialization in the gaming industry. The underlying philosophy of Clairvest is the concept of partnership: We will succeed when the operating companies, and our co-investors succeed. We structure our investments to closely align our interests with the management teams and our investor partners to ensure mutual success and benefit. We work together with the management of our portfolio companies to create long-term financial returns for all shareholders.

Clairvest has been actively involved in the gaming industry since 1996 and has grown into one of the leading investors in the regional integrated resort and gaming space. Clairvest has been involved, to date, in 29 different regional integrated resort gaming properties, activity which has encompassed the acquisition of 10 mature properties, the construction of 8 greenfield properties and 4 redevelopments where a property was substantially rebuilt. Clairvest is also an investor in 7 properties in Ontario which are pending redevelopment. Gaming is regulated on a State/Provincial level and Clairvest has passed stringent regulatory processes to be licensed as an operator or owner in multiple jurisdictions.




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