Japan Gaming Congress

2019 May 16-17
Conrad Tokyo, Japan

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Japan Gaming Congress

Wynn Resorts

Founding Operator
Founding Operator, Wynn Resorts joins the fourth edition of JgC.

Wynn Resorts is a front runner of integrated resorts (IRs).

We enjoy high reputation among our guests coming from all over the world with our globally operating IRs rooted in the respective communities, and with our top-of-the-world service. By taking advantage of these experiences, we are set to help create an original, attractive IR in Japan as well.

In Japan, unique national cultures exist which can be boasted to the world: "the spirit of hospitality ‘omotenashi’" and "the attentiveness to detail." We aim to realize an IR “made in Japan” which can be proudly presented to the world by combining the unique appeal of Japan with the Wynn’s know-how of hospitality we have cultivated over the years. By attracting more international guests from all over the world, by revitalizing the city, and thus by enhancing the appeal of Japan as a whole, we strongly hope to contribute to the Japanese society.

We firmly believe that we can realize the world's best IR through the joint efforts between Japan, with its unrivaled charm in the world, and Wynn Resorts, with our quality of commitment that does not allow any compromise at all.


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